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Kilimanjaro – What to Expect

And what’s included



We will provide a vehicle and driver to take you between your hotel and the start/ finish points of your trek. We also provide transport to and from the airport.

Camping Equipment

We provide all essential camping equipment except a sleeping bag. This includes a mess tent with tables and chairs and all dining equipment complete with lighting for the evening.

You’ll have good quality 3-man tents for sleeping a maximum of 2 people so there’s plenty of room.

A private toilet and toilet paper.

About Baba Kilimanjaro

With my safari vehicles, we can delight you in seeing Africa’s wildest animals in the safety of a guided tour. Voted the best safari destination in Africa*, 2013

Safe and Secure

We provide all essential camping equipment except a sleeping bag. This includes a mess tent with tables and chairs and all dining equipment complete with lighting

Our success depends on

We offer specialist rescue insurance in rare cases of severe difficulty. The first and foremost remedy is for swift descent, and most climbers are fine with that.

Food and drinks

We have dedicated and talented chefs who will provide all your meals whilst on the trek. You’ll have 3 meals a day – a hearty breakfast, and lunch, which will be a hot or packed lunch that you’ll carry with you depending on the day’s trek. In the evenings you’ll have a 3-course dinner. Additionally, there will be hot drinks and snacks in the afternoons on arrival at camp.

All drinking water which we will filter and purify.

Early Descent

If for any reason you need to descend from the trek early, you will be accompanied by one of your guides to the nearest accessible gate and we will meet you there for any assistance you require. However, there will be additional costs for transfers and accommodation.

If it’s for medical reasons we will assist and accompany you to the hospital. Keep any receipts for your travel insurance claim.

In Rare Case

In the rare case of severe difficulty, we work with Kilimedair to get you down fast and safely. They will provide medical help and transfer to the hospital if necessary.

Your crew

Undertaking a climb of Kilimanjaro is a proper mountain expedition and as your crew has to carry everything from the gate all the way around and up to your last camp your support team will be quite a large one.

You’ll have a big support crew for your trek. For 2 trekkers typically you’ll have 1 head guide, an assistant guide, a chef, and around 10 porters, some of whom will do additional work, for example, waiter, kitchen assistant, water collectors, tent erectors. And you don’t need to do any work on the mountain our crew will prepare the camp and all equipment ready for your arrival and pack up the camp in the morning after your departure.

We hand-pick all of our crew so you have the best. Your crew can turn your trek from a punishing slog to a lifetime of unique, happy memories. So we look after our crew -we believe that a happy crew makes a happy trek.

We are committed to raising the standards of a porter’s welfare. The porters are allowed to carry a maximum of 20 kg according to park regulations and we ensure that is strictly adhered to. We also pay over the minimum wage and intend to increase salaries in accordance with the cost of living. Their work is invaluable and must be recognised by paying fair salaries and providing good standards of food, tents, and mountain clothing.

Your head guide has ultimate responsibility for you and your fellow climbers as well as the crew whilst on the mountain.

All our guides are fully licensed by KINAPA. There is a comprehensive training program and assessment in order to qualify as a guide which includes high-altitude first aid and rescue. Additionally, all our guides have several years of experience climbing Kilimanjaro and leading expeditions. They have a huge range of experiences to draw upon to make your climb safe and successful.